Toni Cartiglia [WereMILF]

Toni Cartiglia [WereMILF]


  • Quick Stats
  • Female
  • Sunday, February 3, 1974
  • 5' 5
  • 180 lbs.

Hometown: The Dirty H20, (Waterbury) Connecticut. Occupation: Minion = Mommy, owner of  the best body Jewelry/piercing shop in Idaho, college student and straight up cool chick. Fave Derby Position: Aspiring to become a kick ass Jammer. Likes: Roller derby, penguins, The Steelers, Dexter, Idaho, Facebook stalkers, bacon, cupcakes, (a bacon cupcake would be awesome) The Food Network, fat kids and my family. Dislikes : Bad grammer, ignorance, greed, one-uppers, skinny babies, shop lifters, whining and my family.

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