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Wednesday, September 14, 1977

5' 7

263 lbs.

"Do you need something fixed? No? Then do you need something BROKEN?" Born in a blue-collar factory town in the Midwest, this Wrench-slingin' Big Mama grew up on a creeper, fixing up street rods, MOPARS, and Air-Cooled VWs. She spent quality time with her daddy, out in the garage, wearing welding goggles, covered in grease, dirt and bondo. She likes to go fast, and when she gets rollin', she rocks the quads like a freight train. Get outta Sabby's way, 'cos she's coming through whether you like it or not! In her "spare" time, she's a DJ and sound engineer - her motto is Hot Cars, Hot Music, and Hot skates! Much like the inspiration for her number "53" she may not be the prettiest or the fastest gal on the track, but she's got more heart than the league knows what to do with. "Oh my God, It's a Mirage! I'm tellin' all yall it's SABBYTAGE!"
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