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Saturday, August 24, 2013


I started skating with Rose City Rollers Wreckers league in December 2011. Unfortunately I was unable to attend many of the practices, so I stopped skating after a few months.

In September 2013, I found Portland Renegade. I found I have been able to make most of the practices, as I have a variable work schedule. I have been very excited to go to practices and improve my skills. About six weeks in I tore a ligament in my foot and have been off skates until two weeks ago. The first week of December, I was able to get back on skates! Yeah. I am taking it slow, but plan to be up and ready to bout in February.

Renegade seems to have a bad rap, but I feel very comfortable in the league. It is NOT a no rules league like many seem to think. We have guidelines we follow. DON'T BE A DOUCHEBAG! is one of them. We just don't have penalties. Portland Renegade is a great bunch of athletic gals and guys who want to play Derby and have a good time. I am so glad I found them.

A little about me outside of Derby. I am a mom, a nurse, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I love my kids (two boys 18 and 19)and would do almost anything for them. They mean everything to me. I love my job! It was the third best decision I ever made in my life, besides having my two kids. I am a trauma nurse in a metropolitan hospital. Love it! I have two sisters, one is my twin. Yep there are two of me! My mom lives with me part of the year, in the winter, and she lives in the midwest on a lake in a boat during the summer. I have lots of friends, in and out of Derby.  I am a social butterfly. You can find me moving about talking to everybody.

I do believe that Derby is saving my life. I am not one who you would call an exerciser, in fact, you might call me lazy. Derby has gotten me up and off the couch, and kept me interested in coming back for more. Even when I was out with my injury, I went to practice, to learn more! It will be slow for me to get to bouting condition, but I know I will get there, I am hoping February. I am looking forward to learning more and improving my skills. Renegade Derby is great and I plan on sticking with it until my body gives out!

Go Renegade!!!

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