Chrissi [Criss Catastrophe]

Chrissi [Criss Catastrophe]


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  • Sunday, June 16, 1985
  • 5' 9
  • 135 lbs.

My derby career started in 2007 as kind of a joke. It was in my town, and I thought it would be funny to tell my dad I joined a roller derby league. I was known amongst my friends & family for being a huge wuss and about as non-athletic as they come, so this would be a good one. On that first day, I went to the rink after work, still in my nice work clothes, where they gave me rental skates and I roller skated for the first time. I landed on my face - literally. I even tore a small hole in my work pants when they were teaching me butt falls. But these girls skated so well, I just HAD to give this a real try - joke's on me, I guess! 5 seasons and 4 teams later, I've been accepted to represent a USA Mainland All Star team, I've experienced the banked track, skated with pros from derby history, and have personally become a stronger, better, smarter person because of it. Roller derby is the best (and sometimes worst! lol!) thing to ever happen to me, and I don't plan on stopping!!

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