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Scoreboard V2.3.0 - Thor's Hammer
RDNation's team is proud to present our brand new Roller Derby Scoreboard. Try it out, it's FREE. We are trying our best to create the best Scoreboard for the entire Roller Derby Community.

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The Good Stuff


Your entire game, your scores, your penalties, your Skaters, will be accounted for and displayed properly. We tried to create the easiest to use Roller Derby scoreboard there is. We hope that with time, and your feedback, it will be the GOTO scoreboard for all Roller Derby Games world wide.

main scoreboard control

Public Release

We have put our blood, sweat and tears into building this scoreboard. It was a long journey, just like going from Meat to a Roller Derby Skater. We now think Thor's Hammer is ready to be pushed, shoved, elbowed and placed in a head lock down on the floor. But be gentle, and provide us feedback on all of our illegal contacts. We hope you will love Thor's Hammer just as much as we loved making it for the Family. Fully Bout Ready.

Main Control Panel

We have tried to design the scoreboard with you as a user in mind. Like every other scoreboard, ours is controlled from a main panel. It controls the entire game on one screen. Times, Scores, Jams, Periods and even Jammer positions.

The Team Manager

We wanted to track EVERYTHING in the game of Roller Derby. So we gave you a Team Manager that can track player positions during the jams. The operator has the ability to define what Skaters are playing what positions, including Skaters in the box during the jam.

The Game Clock

Thor's Hammer has a state of the art way to display games. We can show the game clock, jam clock, line up clock and even advertisements you save within the scoreboard. Thor's Hammer will have its Paint on and be crowd ready to show your fans what a real game looks like on the big screen!

Logo Manager

Did you know there are well over 1200 teams in Roller Derby? Well not all of them have logos. We wanted to try our best to create a logo manager every team can use. You can save your logo within the scoreboard or pick from a list of already populated logos. Once selected, your logo will fly high on the scoreboard clock during the game in all its glory.

Advertising Manager

Every Roller Derby team needs money with sponsorships. We wanted to make sure you got your fair share in the first release. So we included an Advertisements manager that will hopefully make you the most money possible. Either save within the application or allow it to pull from our servers on advertisements. You will be pleased with what you see.

Policy Controller

What type of rule set do you play? We implemented all the rule sets we knew and put them into our policy controller. It will make sure that once the settings are set, they stay and they help whom ever uses the scoreboard will not get caught off guard by the rules nuances.

Save Your Games

We built in the save and load game features. Therefore you can set up your games and at home, save them, and then load it once you set up for the bout. We can't currently save a running game, but we are getting there soon!

Live Games Online!

We will be releasing it later in August 2012, but we have built in a way for you and your fans to watch your game stats online! Live! What Scoreboard can say they do that?

Please Provide Feedback!

We LOVE feedback. We are a team of avid developers. We want to make your every wish our command. So we included a way to send feedback inside the scoreboard, but your more than allowed to send us feedback at: info@rdnation.com

Customizable Templates!

You have team colors and we have the scoreboard. We want your fans to get the best overall experience possible. So we will take the time to create a custom theme for your team within our scoreboard. You choose the colors and we create it just for you! If your really interested in an entirely new layout for the scoreboard, we can make that happen too! Just contact us to get started. Remember, we do this for the love of Roller Derby!


Per Jam Scoring

The feature most requested was per jam scoring. Thats right, we now keep track of points accrued for each jam! As long as the jammer refs can relay the points after each pass, the operator will make the points visible for all to see!

Slide Show Galore!

Any Image, Any at all can be displayed. We make it easy as 1, 2, 3. Add your favorite advertisers, flags or any other picture you want to show off and you will have total control over it being displayed up on the screens. Rotate the images, turn some on or off, and even include a the intermission clock on the screen! We thought of it all.

Collect and Export all Bout Stats!

You can collect all the stats from a single bout. We built the WFTDA and MADE stat workbook export tool so that each game can be exported to comply with both the WFTDA and MADE rule sets and their specific standards of a bout.

Video Tutorials

Introduction to the Scoreboard

Team Manager Introduction for the Teams/Referees and NSOs

Stats Collection for NSOs and Export them to The WFTDA / MADE workbooks

Video Overlay Controls and how to Modify them for the Scoreboard

Uploading the Finished Games and Showing the Stats LIVE on RDNation

Tournament Walkthrough and Controls for RDNation

Adding Paywalls to Your Tournament and Game for Live Streaming

Screen Shots
A Scoreboard In Review
Core Features Thor's Hammer by RDNation Carolina Roller Derby Scoreboard Poäng
Frictionless Feedback
People can give feedback with only a name & email (or anonymously). No sign-up required.
Available in your language
Thor's Hammer is available in 2 languages currently. Fantastico! We are looking to add more, so if you want your language, please let us know.
Can Save and Load
Saves and Loads games for later.
Live Games Displayed Online
Is capable of displaying game stats live online!
Automatic Updates
Does the scoreboard update automatically when new features are added by the developer?
Multiple Scoreboard Themes
Our Scoreboard currently has two themes. Our own and then the popular CRG theme. We have received expressed permission to use CRGs theme from Mr. T.
Customizable Templates.
You choose the colors of the scoreboard or even the layout, and we make it happen. Yes, thats right, we will totally create a theme in the scoreboard just for your team with your letters/logos/colors. Contact us info@rdnation.com to get started.
A Slide Show Manager
You decide what pictures, advertisements, special promotions, and we display it. In rotation with 10 second intervals, with or without a intermission and period clock. You can display Flags if need be. Its all up to you with our slideshow manager. We even blogged about it.
Tracked using a Local Server
The scores and operations can be controlled from a seperate device. Can track Penalties, Assists, Blocks, Lineups and Points Scored by every single player.
Per Jam Scoring
Shows the per jam scores. Each lap when signaled by a ref, will show the per jam score.
Knowledge Base
Do they have documentation and help articles? Ours is at our wiki for@RDN.Library.Classes.Config.LibraryConfig.WebsiteShortName
Member Manager
Can manage all the Skaters of the game through the scoreboard.
Referee and NSO Manager
Can record all Referees and NSOs of each game. Records each official along with their position of the game.
Control The Game from a Mobile Device
Control all the basics of the game including Start/Stopping Jams, Official/Team Timeouts and Add/Subtract Team Scores
Export the Stats Workbooks
You can export both the WFTDA and MADE stats workbooks. Both fully filled out to include all the stats from a bout.
Team Feedback
Takes In Feedback from their users. Use the Feedback widget in Thor's or just email us at info@rdnation.com
Activity Developed On
Scoreboard is actively being worked on with updates.
Allows Adverts
Will Display adverts during the game.
Manipulate the Settings
Can change the settings of the scoreboard along with times.
Video Green Screen
Can publish a page with a Video Green Screen on it with the scores as an overlay. This allows for those teams filming their bouts to actually have the live scores published on the video.
The WFTDA Green Screen
Can publish a page with The WFTDA Video Green Screen on it with the scores as an overlay. This allows for those teams filming their bouts to actually have the live scores published on the video.
Displays Line Ups
Shows the line ups during the introductions. We even wrote a blog post about it!
Works on All Operating Systems
Windows Only - Its Coming
Has Edit Mode
Can edit the game incase of mistakes
Loads Logos
Shows logos of the teams playing.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Has keyboard shortcuts that can be mapped to scoreboard functions
Capable of Showing the American Flag or Any Other Flag!
Shows the American flag during the game or the introductions
Basic Scoreboard Functions
Displaying the scores, easily add and remove points, timers that keep track of game play, etc...

Rule Sets Thor's Hammer by RDNation Carolina Roller Derby Scoreboard Poäng

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